Lead Generation for Small Business

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Lead generation has become an essential part of the marketing process for Small Online Businesses. According to data from Marketo, companies with strong approaches to lead generation typically achieve at least 133 percent more revenue that have weaker approaches in place. As the data shows, although some digital agencies saw a large portion of their leads increase by 65 percent, 20 percent of agencies that saw a decrease in leads experienced falls of more than 50 percent. 

Lead generation is just the first stage in the process of creating a new sale. You must nurture and manage leads over a period of time to move them towards a purchasing decision. What are you spending to get each lead? How much are you spending on customer acquisition? And what have you done to improve both of those key performance indicators (KPI’s)? If you can’t answer those questions, this might be an area to focus on. Maavadu.com help Small Businesses to reach their big goals online. Maavadu.com generate leads through your website and search engines, Best Lead Generation Tools for small business!

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  • August 21, 2021 at 2:48 am

    How much you are charging for 2 to 5 leads per month?
    Share the package details to my email. Sam


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